160 TON 6.0 OZ With Double Slides


Detail Specifications

‧120ton 6oz. Two-Sliding-Table
‧Vertical Plastic Bakelite Injection Molding Machines
  • This swivel plate can be applied for altering the mold or designing, helping enhance the production efficiency and safe to use.
  • It is firm and durable with a specially designed steel structure.
  • The liquid loop adopts specific pressure & specific current and multi-segmental control and computer liquid crystal display. It has such properties as high sensitivity, precision and accuracy. Different specifications are available for your option.
MODEL Unit JTH-160
(SD) (R)
Screw Diameter MM 45 50 55
Injection Pressure Kg/CM² 2031 1645 1360
Theoretical Shot Volume CM³ 318 392 475
Max. Shot Weight(PS) G / OZ 292/10 361/12.5 436/15
Injection Rate CM³ /Sec 146 180 218
Injection Stroke MM 200
Screw Rotation Speed Max RPM 0-210
Numbers of
Temperature Control
Capacity of Hopper L  
Clamping Force T 160
Opening Force T 16
Platen Size MM 840 x 640
Distance Between Tie Bar MM 580 x 380
Min. Mold Height MM 250
Opening Stroke MM 350
Max. Open Daylight MM 600
Ejector Power T 4.5
Ejector Stroke MM 80   80
Slider Size/Turn
Table Diameter
MM 550x600   Ø1210
Numbers of
Mold Station
Sets     2
Max. Mold Dimension MM     450x400
Rotation Angle of
Turn Table
Max. Hydraulic Pressure Kg/CM² 175
Pump Output L/Min 116
Working Oil Consumption L 400
Cooling Water Consumption L 1400-1800
Hydraulic Motor Power Kw/HP 18.75/25
Barrel Heater Capacity KW 10
Total Electrical Consumption KW 28.75
Others Machine Weight T 6 x 6.8
Machine Overall Dimensions MM 3.0 x 2 x 3.7
Shipping Gross Weight T 6.5   7.2
Shipping Measurements
(L x W x H)
MM 3.2 x 2.2 x 2.0