JTV-150 Serial


Detail Specifications

Min. Mold HeightMM250
Opening StrokeMM350
Max. Open DayinghtMM670
Injection PressureTON3
Ejector StrokeMM125
Screw DianterMMΦ40Φ45Φ50
Injection Pressurekg/cm²210316611346
Theoretical Shot Volumecm³226285353
Max. Shot Weight (PS)GM207263324
Max. Shot Weight (PS)cm³ / sec120152188
Plasticizing Capacity (PS)kg / kw25 / 18.7
Heater CapacityKW10.9
Cooling Water Capacity1 / hr800 to 1000
Oh. Tank CapacityL450
Rotary Table DiameterMMΦ980
Nozzle Height AdjustmentMM135 to 235
Station ClearanceMMΦ0.01
Number of Molding Station2, or 3
Max. Mold WeightKG350 x 3
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)M4.3 x 2.06 x 3.4
Machine WeightTON9.6
Shipping Size (LxWxH)M6.5 x 2.1 x 2.26
Shipping WeightTON10.5

  • This swivel plate can be applied for altering the mold or designing, helping enhance the production efficiency and safe to use.
  • The vertical matched mold is manufactured with a horizontal injection design and good twisting force and is suitable for injection molding and processing precise embedded units.
  • It is firm and durable with a specially designed steel structure.
  • The liquid loop adopts specific pressure & specific current and multi-segmental control and computer liquid crystal display. It has such properties as high sensitivity, precision and accuracy. Different specifications are available for your option.